What is Transformational Design?

Transformational Design describes the nature of the design process as both inspirational and relational. Transformation exists in the process of design as the designer and client set out to create a space that addresses all aspects of mind, body and spirit. Specifically, these parameters cannot be fully pre-determined but exist in the development of the project and through the relationship developed between the designer and the client, but especially through the magic of the design process itself. Generally, design solutions emerge at every stage in the broad processes of building, embellishing, refining, and in finally enjoying the results. While the ideology seems both socially and spiritually progressive, it has been fundamental to the history of design for centuries.

Fundamentally, our practice provides excellent creative and professional services. Within the scope of services that we provide, we support the emergence of a more collaborative and sustainable way of being in the world. Underlying those concerns, we believe that our role in the design process is to also be engaged in an active inquiry for and the creation of environments that are healthy, spiritually uplifting and beautifully fulfilling with an emphasis on the whole person. It is part of our design criteria to map multiple perspectives and explore individual and collaborative interpretations and evaluations of design and its outcomes as a project progresses. Tools that emerge as necessary may include placement and building techniques that utilize Native American, Feng Shui, Vatsu, Geomancy and other traditions that may interest our clients.